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Chair Saver Kit Benefits

Prior to the invention of Chair Saver, there used to be 2 options when an adjustable chair's pneumatic cylinder failed.  Either replace the cylinder or replace the chair - neither of which was very cost effective.  Now, a quick and cost effective alternative exists!  Buy a $19.95 Chair Saver kit today to fix that sinking feeling and get your office chair back immediately. That's cheap insurance!
Cost Savings


Only $19.95 for a Chair Saver Kit, versus $150 for cost of a good replacement cylinder, bearing kit and removal tool or even more for the cost of an entirely new ergonomic office chair.

There is no need to involve a facility worker to collect the faulty chair, repair the cylinder, or store in the warehouse while waiting for a replacement.

Typically 75% of your chair inventory can be made to last another 5 years saving you insurmountable amounts spent on replacement costs.

Time Savings


The Chair Saver Kit takes less than a minute to install to the correct ergonomic height and will not sink below that level.  Instantly, you are back to work immediately and no longer stuck fighting with a faulty chair while waiting for a fix or replacement.

Sending out a facility employee to fix a failed cylinder or to get a replacement chair from storage can take an hour or more of their time.  Time that could be spent more cost effectively and productively.

5-Year Warranty

The Chair Saver Kit has a full 5-year warranty.  Should any part fail after installation on the original chair, simply return it for a replacement or a refund - whichever your choice.

We also offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.  If it does not meet your needs, then return it for a full refund. That's how confident we are in our product!!


No Tools Required

​To replace a pneumatic cylinder it requires a $40 specialized tool and roughly an hour of time to take the chair back to the shop, remove the cylinder and and install a new one if you happen to stock it.

With a simple tool free snap on installation, you can now perform the repair in under a minute.  Keep the Chair Saver Kit stocked as a standard office supply item in order to be ready when needed.  Installation instructions come with every kit.


The Chair Saver Kit can be installed to raise your adjustable office chair seat from 1 to 4.5 inches by combining the different sized spacers.  This covers 99% of the all office chairs, creating the perfect ergonomic height for you.

Should your chair require more than 4.5 inches of adjustment (such as a drafting chair), just buy another kit, as all parts are universal fit and interchangeable.

Other Benefits

​Fix bouncy cylinders that never quite adjust to the same height twice. 

Support heavier employees in the case of the standard gas lift cylinder malfunctioning when not used as directed.

Store easily: it takes up very little space in a desk or office supply cabinet.

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