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The Chair Saver Kit

​Saving you two things we can use more of - time and money!

You got that sinking feeling.  You know, when the adjustable cylinder of an office chair lets you down.  Truth is your lucky if you get 5 years for a good quality cylinder before the rubber gasket fails, and significantly less for cheaper chairs.  The rest of the chair is still good but not much use if it doesn't keep you at the right height.


The Chair Saver Kit has a height adjustment of 1 to 4.5 inches in half inch increments and fits about 99% of all office chairs in use today. The kit fits all the major office chair manufacturers, such as: Herman Miller, Steelcase, Haworth, Hon, Serta, Flexsteel, Alera and more. Just about any office chair made in the last 20 years can be saved. At $19.95 a kit, it is much cheaper than cylinder replacements (which will fail again and don't have our 5-year warranty) or a brand new ergonomic office chair.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What's in the Chair Saver Kit?

A. 1 x 1 inch, 1 x 1.5 inch and 1 x 2 inch snap on spacers along with a metal support ring. Unused spacers can be used for other chairs as they are universal. The kit packaging is 4 x 6 x 2 inches and can be kept in a desk drawer or supply cabinet ready to go when needed.

Q. Do I need any tools to install?

A. No tools or chair disassembly required and the kit usually installs in under a minute. To use the metal support ring, just twist it open, slide it over the cylinder and twist back until it lays flat again.  Snap in as many of the spacers underneath the support ring to get you to the right height.  See the slide show to the left to see how easy it is to install.


Q. Can I install the Chair Saver Kit before my office chair starts to sink?

A. Absolutely, and it will help prevent your adjustable cylinder from sinking prematurely.  Or buy one today and keep in your desk drawer and be ready when that inevitable sinking feeling happens with your current office chair.


Q. How long does the Chair Saver Kit last?

A. Each Chair Saver Kit has a total satisfaction guarantee for 5 years and should last a lot longer. If it fails before then, just let us know and we will either ship out a replacement or send you a refund - your choice.


Q. Is there a weight limit for the kit?

A. The kit has worked well for customers up to 450 lbs. Make sure to use the metal support ring.


Q. Can't I just buy a cylinder and install it myself?

A. Yes, if you're mechanically minded and have an hour or so to spare. Don't forget the pipe wrench and rubber mallet. Cylinders range from $40 for cheap ones that will fail again in a couple of years to $150 for good ones. And you might want to get the specialized extraction and installation tool for $40 to avoid destroying the new cylinder. Experts recommend buying a new bearing kit for $20 as well since you have everything apart.


Q. What's the Return On Investment if I have a lots of chairs?

A. If you are a medium to large size company you can see a Return On Investment of 800% to 2400% with the Chair Saver Kit. Click on our Business Savings Calculator button below to see how much you can save versus replacing gas cylinders or buying new ergonomic chairs when the inevitable failure happens.


Q. My chair seat is wobbly or the cylinder is dragging on the floor. Will the kit fix my chair?

A. If the seat is wobbling, it usually means the cylinder is not well connected to the seat and may fall off if using the kit. If the cylinder is dragging on the floor that means it has punched through the bottom, and unfortunately the kit will not be able to fix this issue.

Q. Will I be charged Value Added Tax (VAT) for my country?

A. Each kit costs $9.95 USD.  The exclusion limits vary for each country (for example the UK is 15 £)  and is collected by your local post office. Use a currency calculator to check if your order is above the limit if that's an issue you are concerned about.


Customer Comments

Kim T. from CT "This is a ingenious product. People need not hesitate to order. It is a "no brainer". For less than $20, I fixed my $200 office chair that I just love. The installation literally took less than a minute. Fantastic product!"

Bill P. from UK I"’m amazed. The Chair Saver Kit was delivered to me in the UK today, just five days (three working days) after ordering. The kit took me less than a minute to fit and now I have a new office chair. Thank you so much for your excellent product and great service."


Darcy S. from NZ "My ChairSaver arrived in New Zealand this morning, took seconds to install and has saved me an awful lot of hassle! Thanks for the great product and worldwide shipping."


Matt T. from CA "I just purchased your Chair Saver product and I just wanted to thank you for having these available. You guys just saved me from spending over $400 on a new chair since mine is fairly new."


George H. from RI  "I received my ChairSaver today and put the spacers on my chair right away.  They work just great!  What a wonderful item.  Really like your product.  Quick service also.  Take care."

Judy D. from the UK "Thanks so much – what an excellent simple solution this has proved to be!"​

Jay E. from CA  "The payback period on one of these kits can be measured in weeks, if not days!  And I’m no longer a sinker!"

Mike M. from OR "I just wanted to let you know I installed my kit this morning. It only took me minutes and it works great. I am a disabled senior citizen and I had no difficulty installing the spacers. Being unable to get down on the floor to press them on, I laid the chair on it's side to install them and that worked great. It brought new life back to an expensive office chair I was looking at replacing. Thank You."

Bert O. from MA  "Kit works great!"


Wendy H. from the UK "My Chair Saver Kit turned up at the weekend, well before the two weeks estimate for UK delivery.  I've fitted it to my chair and it works like a dream No more 'sinking' feeling for me. :-)"


Brian P. from TX "Thank you very much for the excellent customer service.  I greatly appreciate it."


Grant F. from MI "I just wanted to write a quick thank you note. Great product. My chair has been making me more and more insane, drifting slowly to the floor over and over. I installed your Kit and now it's nice and solid. Well done!​"


Ruth H. from the UK "You've just saved the life of my beautiful grey leather chair, which i'd been told was irreparable.



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